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SUNY Broome Republicans

Apr 21, 2018

We cover a lot of ground in this episode - from the announcement by Binghamton City Council candidate Dan Livingston to the highly successful SUNY Convocation Day Ask Event. We also update the status of County Executive Jason Garnar coming to speak at SUNY Broome. Plus news on the re-launch of The Fulcrum newspaper....

Apr 16, 2018

We discuss the 2017 attack by Antifa on a Republican student from Ithaca College with Caleb Slater who was the victim of the attack. The hosts go on to discuss the existence of Binghamton Antifa, BLM, and its impact on the SUNY Broome community.


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Apr 8, 2018

We dedicate this episode to answering questions from one of our listeners and SUNY Broome student Josh Beardsley. We discuss the Omnibus Bill, the southern border wall, the crisis in Syria and South Africa, as well as the millenial view on current politics.


Also, a quick teaser: Our April 14th episode will feature...

Apr 1, 2018

We share questions from students we received from the SWARM and try to answer them. Your questions matter, and we do our best to try to answer them or get an answer from elected officials and candidates you have questions for. 


We also reviewed some of the upcoming interviews we have planned: Congresswoman Claudia...